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Tesla Pickup should be called the Model Why?

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OK, we have seen the new Tesla pickup truck and in my view it is awful. The secret of Tesla’s initial success (in my humble opinion) was that the Model S was a very good looking car, taking some of the best ‘European’ luxury styling, notably from Jaguar, and applying high specification and best in class consumer technology. The fact that it was electric was, almost, incidental. It didn’t require you to be radical, it didn’t look like something from a sci-fi movie. It was a conventional looking luxury car that also happened to be super quick, lovely to drive and almost free to run. By contrast this new Cyber truck looks so bad that I honestly believe if it had been their first car the company would have closed down by now.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk introduces the Cybertruck at Tesla’s design studio Thursday, Nov. 21, 2019, in Hawthorne, Calif. Musk is taking on the workhorse heavy pickup truck market with his latest electric vehicle. (AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu )The Associated Press

The broken windows are down to a demonstration that they were ‘unbreakable’ Oops.

Arguably this trend has been underway for a while. As noted in a previous post, the Model X should have looked like an Electric Q7 rather than wasted enormous amounts of times on DeLorean style doors, while the Model Y and model 3 have none of the elegance of the S. Elon Musk appears to have gone ultra masculine with his pickup truck however, with flat stainless steel panels (again like a DeLorean) and a look that comes straight from a 6 year old boy’s drawing of a ‘tank truck’ – all straight lines and armour plated glass (that turned out to break in the demo. oops) But it’s not meant for me, it is aimed squarely at the Ford p150 market and maybe this is their thing?

Or do you think they will stick with the conventional looking Ford Electric p150 apparently coming in 2021? Yep me too.

Ford F-150 EV prototype towing

Note I do not own any Tesla shares (any more) but I do have a Model S. I will not be buying the cybertruck.

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