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Groundhog Day

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So Punxsutawney Phil saw his own shadow but then went back into lockdown, which means (to no-one’s surprise) another six weeks of lockdown and mask wearing. Frankly he is as informed as any of the other government ‘experts’ on this. Six weeks is just about long enough to leave the UK and go via some third country (like Kenya) and get to Hong Kong in time for 3 weeks (you pay) Hotel solitary confinement and thus get back to the office in person in time for ‘Spring’. Hmm.

Source Wikipedia Chris Flook

With the UK government now aiming to adopt similar wildly unnecessary measures it would mean Fineas Fogg would struggle to go around the world in Eighty Days in 2021 – indeed if he followed the route in the book he would spend 87 days in quarantine – even if he somehow had Australian and New Zealand citizenship to get in there in the first place. There’s progress for you.

Around the world in 87 days of Quarantine

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