Market Thinking

making sense of the narrative


Mark Tinker has over 35 years experience as an investor, market strategist and economist. Having spent more than 20 years as a sell side strategist and being top rated on numerous occasions and surveys he moved to investment management in 2006 to run global equity portfolios in London and subsequently moved to Hong Kong in 2013 to help establish an Investment Management business for a top 20 international asset manager. He first started writing investment weeklies for his employers in 1989, developing a style characterised under the title Market Thinking and has been a regular commentator and presenter on CNBC, Bloomberg and other business channels, where his approach of rationalising market behaviour rather than making short term predictions on high frequency market data provides a welcome balance to his client audience.

Wanderer above the Sea of Fog is is by one of the great German Romantic artists, Caspar David Frederich. Some see it as representing the insignificance of a single man against the world, others as a metaphor for uncertainty about the future. I agree with both, but I really like it because a dear friend once described me as "someone who sits on mountains and tries to make sense of what is going on down in the valley below.
Wanderer above a Sea of Fog (Wanderer uber dem Nebelmeer) by Caspar David Friedrich c 1818

Contrary to some suggestions this is not a recent portrait but a favourite painting, made around 200 years a German Romantic artist, Caspar David Friedrich. I like it because I love mountains, but also because it sums up the investor and the markets. Climbing high above the fog and confusion we can try and discern the bigger picture and the topography, but ultimately the world goes on down in the valley and that is where we need to return. MT