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Market Thinker – Digitalisation

The latest Market Thinker piece is up at CityWIre. Continuing our look at thematic investing, we consider the case for a broad portfolio based around digitaisation. The link to their site is here.

Australian Financial Review

For those with a subscription, the link to the latest AFR piece is below. What you thought you knew about investing in China is wrong The reality is that under Xi Jinping, the where and how of investing in China Read more…

Market Thinker on EM Consumer

The latest Market Thinker piece on Thematic investing is up at CityWire. Looking at the prospects for Investing in EM Consumer stocks at a time when US investors are dumping large cap VIE structures like AliBaba. As usual we provide Read more…

Market Thinker – Digital Health The latest Market Thinker piece is up over at CitiWIre. We are looking here at Digital Health as an investment theme.

Robots and Co-Bots

Having slipped slightly out of synch due to holidsays etc, the latest Market Thinker post is up at CitiWire. In it I look at the ‘early’ theme of robotics and automation, noting how it is shifting from hardware to software Read more…

Zero Trust..the need for Cyber Security

The latest piece for Citiwire was delayed, but is now up at the following link. A fuller piece on the subject will appear in the blog next week as usual.

Energy Thematics

The second CitiWire piece on Thematic investing is from two weeks ago and was about Investing in Energy, not just the fashionable Clean Energy Sector, but also the old fashioned stuff needed to keep the economy moving. Naturally we made Read more…

Why Savings are like Autos

I am delighted to be working with Lawrence Lever and his team over at CityWire in a series of fortnightly pieces on Thematic Investing under the moniker of Market Thinker (a bit of nominative determinism there). The following is by Read more…

The inflationary consequences of Zero..

Hot on the heels of our new Thematic slot at CitiWire, we were asked to do one of our semi regular pieces this weekend for the highly regarded Australian publication AFR. Below we reproduce the draft sent in as the Read more…

Australian Financial Review

my article on US Shadow Banks in the AFR last month. Apologies for the firewall. Bottom line is that the Fed have a much bigger Shadow Banking Problem to deal with than even the Chinese do.