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Always Covid, Never Christmas

The latest set of regulations from the UK bring to mind the line from CS Lewis about Narnia, where it was “Always Winter but never Christmas”. C.S. Lewis was writing in a time of growing authoritarianism and at some point Read more…

Living in a Kakistocracy

Kakistocracy * noun[ C or U ]UK  /ˌkæk.ɪˈstɒk.rə.si/ US  /ˌkæk.ɪˈstɑː.krə.si/ a government that is ruled by the least suitable, able, or experienced people in a state or country: *Cambridge English Dictionary. From the Greek kakistos meaning worst. Applying logic to Read more…

From Dad’s Army to Blackadder goes forth

When governments first started responding to the Covid 19 pandemic by locking down economies and using War metaphors, we suggested that it all had the air of the British Comedy series Dad’s Army; with the Media acting as Corporal Jones, Read more…