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Model Portfolios – Global Themes

In our last post on Model Portfolios*, we considered looking at Global Equities through the lens of Factors – Momentum, Min Volatility, Value, Quality and Size. This allowed us to achieve diversification, while Dynamic allocation between the factors allowed us Read more…

Market Thinker on EM Consumer

The latest Market Thinker piece on Thematic investing is up at CityWire. Looking at the prospects for Investing in EM Consumer stocks at a time when US investors are dumping large cap VIE structures like AliBaba. As usual we provide Read more…

Energy Thematics

The second CitiWire piece on Thematic investing is from two weeks ago and was about Investing in Energy, not just the fashionable Clean Energy Sector, but also the old fashioned stuff needed to keep the economy moving. Naturally we made Read more…